The amazing waterfalls to visit in the USA and Canada

The amazing waterfalls to visit in the USA and Canada

Among the various sites that exist to visit and do tourism are the beautiful waterfalls, which can be admired and enjoyed while observing how majestic nature can be in the surroundings.

That is why below is a list of cataracts that can be found in the United States and Canada.

1.  Niagara Falls

It is a very visited and popular place located on the Niagara River between Canada and the United States, where the amazing falls can be observed from different points throughout the area.

2.  Burney falls

They are located in McArthur-Burney Park in California and are surrounded by a lot of vegetation.

3.  Yosemite falls

They are impressive waterfalls that are located in Yosemite National Park, where you can see the incredible and majestic of nature.

4.  Shoshone falls

They are waterfalls located in the city of Twin Falls in Idaho, which are very surprising and are even higher than Niagara Falls.

5.  Helmcken Falls

They are located in Wells Gray Park in British Columbia in Canada, which represent a beautiful place to go.