Great bridges to walk in Europe

Great bridges to walk in Europe

To visit to enjoy diverse natural landscapes, many times it is necessary to cross a bridge and on other occasions they allow you to provide incredible experiences while walking through the pedestrian bridges.

That is why below is a list of some pedestrian bridges that can be crossed in Europe:

1.  Kapellbrücke


It is a wooden bridge located on the Reuss River in Lucerne, Switzerland, it is considered one of the oldest bridges in Europe.

2.  Millennium Bridge


It is a bridge that connects the Bankside area with the City of London financial district, it is made of steel and is located over the River Thames in London.

3.  Geierlay suspension bridge


It is a suspension bridge located in Hunsrück, Germany and in all the surroundings it has a great vegetation.

4.  Titlis Cliff Walk


It is one of the highest suspension bridges in Europe and is located on Mount Titlis in Switzerland, where you can see incredible views.

5.  Three Countries Bridge


It is a bridge that is located between Germany, France and Switzerland, which crosses the river Rhine and is considered the longest pedestrian and bicycle bridge in the world.