Historic sites to visit in Europe

Historic sites to visit in Europe

Among the different places that can be visited while doing tourism is the tour of historical sites.

These form an important part of the culture and history of each place and that is why it is good to know them, to be able to know how interesting and significant the place you are visiting can be.

That is why below are some historical sites:

1.  Römerberg


It is a historic German square that is located in Frankfurt and that as you walk you can see the entire history of the place.

2.  Schlossplatz


It is a historic square that is located in the center of the city of Stuttgart and is characterized by being close to the different attractions of the city.

3.  Old town square


It is a very busy historical square, which is located in the center of Prague between Wenceslas Square and the Charles Bridge.

4.  Palace of Versailles


It is a building located in Versailles near Paris, which was a royal residence and today you can visit and learn all the history.

5. Tower of London


It is a historic castle located near the River Thames in central London, England, which is steeped in history.