How to change the app icon in Flutter for Android

A guide of steps to change the icon of the application in Flutter for Android, which can be of great help at the time of carrying out the process of creating an app.

The first thing we will do is make our icons with the measurements required for each format and we will save it in png format.

 Then when we have the different sizes ready we go to Android Studio

 Having Android Studio open, we look for the Android folder.

 When we find the folder we open it and the app folder is displayed, then we open the src folder, then we open the main folder and we continue opening the res folder.

 When we get to the res folder, we will find several folders, among them are the following: mipmap-hdpi(72 x 72 px), mipmap-mdpi(48 x 48 px), mipmap-xhdpi(96 x 96 px), mipmap-xxhdpi(144 x 144 px), mipmap-xxxhdpi(192 x 192 px), which are where we go the images for the previously created icons.

 We then open each folder and save each icon according to the required dimension.

 Finally, we check that each icon is correctly saved and we finish with the process of changing the icon of the Android application.


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